Emergency Dentistry in Cumming, GA

Suddenly-occurring oral health issues deserve immediate attention to both get patients out of pain and preserve the health of their smiles. At Cumming Dental Care, we provide immediate treatment for dental emergencies in Cumming, GA. Our first goal is to relieve pain and promote patient comfort. From there, we can re-build the health and strength of damaged teeth with restorative and aesthetic dental procedures. For immediate attention, call our office at (770) 889-1990

Treatment for Emergency Dental Problems

We understand that health issues with your smile can occur at any time and may require attention immediately. Whether you were injured and suffered damage to teeth or have a failing dental restoration, Dr. Clay Skognes can treat a variety of immediate dental needs, which include:

• Dislodged, knocked-out, or loose teeth
• Broken teeth
• Lost or damaged dental crowns
• Loose Fillings
• Severe pain or swelling around a tooth
• Heavy bleeding while brushing teeth

If your dental emergency is related to a tooth infection, Dr. Skognes can provide medication to alleviate discomfort and minimize infection before providing dental restorations that are aimed at helping your smile recover full function and health, including periodontal therapy or dental crowns. We perform as much of your treatment as possible in one dental appointment and welcome patients back for secondary appointments for more advanced care when necessary.

Flexible Payment Options and Affordable Care

When you're dealing with a dental emergency, you shouldn't have to avoid treatment because you're concerned about costs. That's why our Cumming emergency dentist offers a variety of flexible payment solutions. We accept many insurance plans and strive to make our services as affordable as possible so you can get the attention you need as soon as possible and without worry.

Contact Cumming Dental Care for Emergency Services

Don't wait to get help for your emergency. Call us at our emergency dental office in Cumming, GA for prompt dental attention in the event of dental pain or damage to teeth.