Cumming Dental Care Helps Children Prevent Cavities

Our teeth will always be at risk for cavities, which is why prevention is so important in our formative years. At Cumming Dental Care, Dr. Skognes provides young patients with fluoride treatments and sealants, which can help ensure the preservation of original teeth. These treatments, along with general cleanings and exams, will help your child stay healthy and smile confidently for years to come.

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Fluoride and Sealants

Fluoride and sealants are effective tools against potential decay in your mouth. Fluoride, a common mineral found in toothpaste, makes teeth more resistant to the acids bacteria produce. Dr. Skognes applies a high level of fluoride during treatment to successfully remineralize the teeth. Sealants are thin coatings applied to the surfaces of your child’s molars. They prevent loose food particles from sticking onto teeth, which thereby prevents cavities.

Children should only receive fluoride from their dentist, which helps them gain the benefits of the mineral without accidental overexposure. Most dentists recommend having sealants applied to molars as soon as they have erupted. In addition, establishing solid oral health habits with your children will help instill in them a strong understanding of their dental health.

Prevention: Saving You from Cavities and Gum Disease

Many forms of bacteria reside in your child’s mouth at all times. Anything they eat will first interact with the bacteria on their teeth. When bacteria break down the sugar in food, acid is formed, which can cause decay if left unchecked. Having your child brush twice a day and floss helps strengthen their teeth and resist decay.

These daily habits can also prevent the buildup of plaque, which if left untreated can lead to gum disease and, in severe cases, eventual tooth loss. During routine cleanings, we work to clear your mouth of any lingering buildups of plaque. Between this maintenance and the use of fluoride and sealants, our dental practice in Cumming is able to offer you a way to preserve the long-term health of your smile.

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Dr. Skognes values the smiles of all patients, regardless of age. Preventing the development of cavities will help ensure the long-term health and durability of your smile, which is why Cumming Dental Care provides fluoride treatments and sealants to help your teeth resist potential decay. Schedule your family’s next appointment with us!


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